Trevor McShane is the stage name of brilliant Beverly Hills lawyer Neville Johnson, who has been listed every year since 2008 as one of Hollywood Reporter’s Top 100 Power Lawyers.

Back in 2000 with a very successful law practice as an entertainment, media and business attorney, I decided to perform as Trevor McShane I picked the name Trevor McShane in honor of my Irish roots. My forefathers were named McShane and I wanted to celebrate them. I hope you enjoy the music and join us for a show some time.

My life is driven by two passions, words and music.

I first picked up a guitar when I was a teenager and have never looked back. I’ve joyfully spent the last 30 years putting words to music and music to words. I’m an artist, a poet, a songwriter and a lover of life.

My mission is to make beautiful music and share it with as many people as possible. I want my lyrics to make you think, to make you wonder, to make you happy…or sad.

If I can somehow move you with my music, my job is done.

“I have loved music since I first heard rock ‘n’ roll on the radio as a little boy. It felt magical to be so moved by music. I still love the feeling, it never gets old. I am moved by music every single day. I loved rock and roll then and I love it still.”

Early in my career I was encouraged to play and write original music by the legendary Tequila Mockingbird, who used to book coffee houses in Los Angeles.

Over the years I have been fortunate to work with Bernie Worrell and Garry Shider, respectively the keyboardist and guitarist of Parliament-Funkaldelic, as well as great producers such as Don Dixon (REM, The Smithereens and Marshall Crenshaw) record with Ian McLagen (The Faces, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan), Albert Lee (Everly Brothers, Eric Clapton), and Mitch Ryder.

My first album First Love, Last Love was released in the 2000 and since then I have recorded more than 100 songs and released 6 albums. They are all available to download here.

My newest album, “Boom Boom”, released summer 2018, features the single, “Eloise“, as well as the follow up single, “Lonely Weekends.” Give it a listen at: https://ffm.to/j0zmp6k

Check in with my blog for all the latest Trevor McShane news and tour dates.

And remember, good music makes everything better.