Welcome to the Trevor McShane website.

Where words meet melody and passion.


Trevor McShane is a man driven by his passion for music.

For over three decades he has shown himself to be a devoted singer/songwriter who is excited to share his love of music.

He has worked with some of the best producers in the industry to create a unique hybrid sound that is essentially his…and now yours.

Driven by his love of words and melody, his joy of music was ignited listening to rock ‘n’ roll on the radio as a young boy. He says, “I have this burning desire to record, perform and share what I have to say through my music,” McShane says.

Revealing emotion and the human condition through his songs, Trevor McShane has found his favorite music is sensitive and soulful, and is continuing to perfect his artistry.

“It’s just who I am, music brings me great joy and is always best when shared with others. And so I am delighted to share it here with you.”

We invite you to join Trevor on his journey and share the joy…